From Silicon Valley, We believe innovation preceding all , our intelligent solution help from, food industry and HVAC players manage and finish their work in a smart way .

Temperature Data Logger

Elitech temperature and humidity data loggers allow for faster access to data collected in food processing, modern agriculture, cold chain management, pharmaceutical, medical cabinet, vaccine storage, laboratory, etc.

HVAC/R Service Tools

HVAC Tools Elitech is dedicated to developing HVAC tools, such as refrigerant charging scales, refrigerant leak detectors, and digital pressure gauges. These HVAC tools bring greater performance, reliability, and usability to the trade.

Air Quality Monitor

Perfect for home, office, car and outdoor environmental testing. An ideal tool to monitor the air quality, a safeguard for family health. The special histogram function show the changes of PM2.5,CO2 and HCHO in a day.

Temperature Control

Elitech temperature controller features cooling and heating modes with automatic switch, temperature unit switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, temperature control by set-point and differential, temperature calibration, cooling output protection delay, sensor fault alarm, and other functions.

Industrial Control

Elitech has been dedicated to become an integrated solution provider of freezing/refrigeration control systems. Over the last 25 years,we have developed a large number of various commercial cold/hot cabinet control systems,providing convenience for commercial refrigerator manufacturers to take overall intensive purchase,and sharply simplifying their supply management.

About Elitech

  Elitech is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of refrigeration service tools, air quality monitors, temperature measurement loggers and temperature controllers, etc. Backed by more than 25 years of detecting and measuring engineering experience, we are committed to providing the most innovative products, excellent service and quality in the industry.

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Committed to real-time monitoring of the life sciences cold chain, ensuring the safety of drugs, vaccines, diagnostic reagents and other products during the cold chain transportation process, and creating an overall solution for "visualization" of the entire medical cold chain。